Daily forex Report

Hello Traders! Well, this week was horribly bad for my forecasts. Usually, it’s quite rare that I’m completely wrong across the board… I was originally going to forecast another 2 weeks as I announced in the forecast last week. But given the 0% week, I’ve decided that this will be the last forecast I’m making […]

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The ECB’s Balance Sheet At A Glance

Is the ECB deploying a variant of Quantitative Easing in any fashion, way, shape or form? If you are talking about Quantitative Easing senso strictu then my answer has to be a simple and straightforward no. However, if we stop being quite so by the letter of the book, and broaden our definition slightly, then […]


Option Strategy

Option Strategy: Writing covered calls is an excellent option strategy to use options in aonline option trading low risk way, to generate additional income on your existing portfolio of stocks by online trading. If you buy shares at the same time that you write the call then the transaction is known as a buy-write. If […]


Avoid Pitfalls. Discover Pitfalls To Avoid That Are Hidden And Only Experienced Traders, Trading Educators And Trading Systems Developers Would Know.

Now learning how to avoid pitfalls alone can help make you fortunes! How so? How can studying boring pitfalls to avoid help you become so much more profitable? Well that should be obvious to you but on the other hand it’s not. Pitfalls are exceptionally bad when you discover, when it sinks in overtime, that […]